Pre-Conference Sessions


Track 1 - Maree Crabee

Track 1: Sex Ed by Porn? Pornography, Sexual Norms and Sexual Abuse Prevention

 This workshop will provide an analysis of pornography’s prevalence, nature, and impact on young people, and explore how pornography’s influence may be addressed in the prevention and treatment of sexually abusive behaviour. It will use a combination of research presentation and small and large group discussion to explore the issues. Excerpts from some of the presenter’s candid interviews with young people, and with performers, directors, producers, executives and agents from the international pornography industry will also provide insights into the dynamics of this global phenomenon. Participants will explore practical examples of how pornography’s influence may be addressed in prevention and treatment of sexual abuse.

Track 2 - David Prescott, LICSW

Track 2a:  Applying the Good Lives Model to Treatment with People who have Sexually Abused

The Good Lives Model (GLM) has become a popular approach to sexual offending treatment; however, substantial variation has been observed in its practical application. This half-day preconference workshop focuses on how programs and therapists can best integrate the GLM into treatment with persons who have sexually abused. It is suitable for treatment providers and program administrators working in prison, civil commitment, and community-based settings who wish to integrate the GLM. Preliminary research suggests that, integrated appropriately, the GLM offers potential for improving outcomes of treatment programs that follow a cognitive-behavioral CBT) approach and that operate according to the Risk, Need, and Responsivity (RNR) principles. For example, research suggests that the GLM’s focus on engaging clients in the treatment processenhances treatment engagement, an important element of program effectiveness. However, misguided or otherwise poor application of the GLM in practice could increase the very risk treatment is designed to prevent and manage. The presenters have assisted programs around the world (for example, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Norway, North America, Germany, Italy, and Namibia) in integrating the GLM.

This workshop provides practitioners and others with information as to how to translate and integrate the GLM into practice in the overall structure, content and process of sexual offending treatment, and illustrates key assessment and treatment strategies with role-play demonstrations. The workshop provides an overview of GLM-based assessment and intervention planning and describes the module or phase-based structure of a RNR/CBT treatment program using the model. Lastly, the workshop addresses how typical program modules targeting dynamic risk factors such as sexual and general self-regulation can be developed and integrated using a GLM approach.

Track 2b:  Motivational Interviewing with Adults and Adolescents

Motivational Interviewing is a client-centered counseling method for exploring how and why a person might change, and is based upon a guiding style. This workshop, of particular interest to probation officers, will review research related to MI, recent updates to the structure of MI, and what works in treatment with adolescents who have sexually abused. Participants will practice MI skills in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Track 3 - Dr. Anton Schweighofer, R. Psych

Track 3:  Stable 2007 Training: Dynamic Risk Assessment for Sexual Offenders

Recent surveys indicate that the Stable 2007 is one of the most widely researched and used dynamic risk tools for adult sex offenders. Research demonstrates that dynamic risk prediction tools, such as the Stable 2007, provide important information regarding risk and treatment need and add to the information provided by static actuarial measures. This workshop will review the development of the Stable 2007 and how to administer, score and interpret the Stable 2007. The workshop includes recent updates on how to combine the Stable 2007 with the Static-99R. Case examples will be used to illustrate the concepts and participants will have an opportunity to discuss the issues being reviewed. It is expected that participants will already be familiar with static risk assessment measures and have a grounding in empirically validated approaches to risk assessment. This workshop is appropriate for those wanting to increase their understanding of how to assess and manage risk and plan treatment and management for community based and incarcerated sexual offenders.

1st Annual Chime In and Wine In Round Table Series

An opportunity for conference attendees to network and discuss important topics and challenges in the work we do each day. Three cocktail hour-type mixers will take place simultaneously in side-by-side rooms. Park yourself down in one, or visit all three if you want to partake in multiple conversations! In reviewing the 2017 conference surveys, along with feedback from board members and conference committee volunteers, the following 2018 Spotlight Topics have been chosen:

  • Women in Forensics: When it comes to working with individuals with sexual behavior problems, being a female professional brings unique challenges. Fortunately, our field is discussing how gender impacts our work more and more each year. Both men and women can discuss their experiences, approaches, and stumbling blocks when it comes to understanding and managing the experience of women in this work.
  • For the Next Generation: How can our field foster the development of students and new professionals in our field? What challenges do new professionals face? What experiences and resources can be shared to facilitate the successful integration of an informed and prepared next generation of professionals preventing sexual violence in New York State? Let's talk about it!
  • Legislative Forum: Laws and policies aiming to prevent sexual abuse change all the time...except for when they stay the same for decades. SORA registration, community notification, residency restrictions, youthful offending laws etc., impact the work we do every day. Let's stay informed and unify our approach to managing risk within the limits of current policy.

As part of your conference registration, you will receive a ticket worth 1 (one) free drink during the event. Cash bar will be open for the remainder of the hour. Fruit, cheese, and crackers will be served in each room.